Key steps for a successful government program drug launch

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Chris Cobourn

Chris Cobourn

Managing Director, Government, KPMG US

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Government programs have evolved to become a significant pharmaceutical products market in the U.S. The final steps to commercialization can be daunting for biotech and pharma companies. Explore in this document a myriad of complexities to navigate in a launch. 

Get it right from the start. You only have one chance to set your initial pricing.

Navigate enrollment. Each program has particular and very specific requirements.

Satisfy ongoing operational requirements. Dedicated systems and expertise are needed to address complex pricing calculations and claims processing.

Demonstrate pricing integrity and accuracy. Scrutiny is high. Compliance is key. 

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Key steps for a successful government program drug launch
We often hear from our clients that one of their biggest concerns is that they 'don't know what they don't know' about government programs.