How COVID-19 impacts your IT operating model

Big changes in IT are required to survive and thrive in the new reality.

Barry Brunsman

Barry Brunsman

Principal, CIO Advisory, KPMG US

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Transform your IT operations after a disruption

Preparing for a future after COVID-19 requires comprehensive changes that enable a business to deliver products, services, and experiences that employees and customers expect. Successful companies will do this by transforming across the six dimensions of the IT operating model:

  • Functional process
  • Technology
  • Service delivery model
  • Governance
  • People
  • Performance insights and data

Every change made in response to COVID-19 impacts the IT operating model. KPMG can help you navigate these changes by assessing your current model, developing a transformation roadmap and mobilizing a structure to drive your transformation.

Understanding the implications of COVID-19 on your IT operating model
Comprehensive changes in IT are required to thrive in the new reality.


IT operating model impacts of COVID-19


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