Achieving cost efficiencies in identity and access management

A strategic approach to managing IAM, with automation and right-sizing of your organization, can reduce operational costs.

Jim Wilhelm

Jim Wilhelm

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Matthew P. Miller

Matthew P. Miller

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US


Tarun Sondhi

Tarun Sondhi

Principal, Advisory, Managed Services , KPMG US

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CISOs are seeking opportunities to contain the costs of their cyber security programs. This follows a period of significant investment in cyber security, during which organizations rapidly matured their cyber security capabilities to maintain pace with the evolving threat landscape. The transitioning of funding, from investment budgets into operational budgets, has resulted in greater scrutiny on program operational effectiveness and efficiency.

This paper focuses on three incremental approaches to cost rationalization:

Operational enhancement: This involves stitching together historically tactical initiatives to create a more strategic approach to managing IAM

Process automation. This entails the focused use of technology to accelerate tasks that are currently performed manually. Example levers: Workflow automation, user entitlement automation.

Continuous improvement. This approach draws on kaizen, the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. In the digital age, this often means managing costs while simultaneously improving speed, accuracy, and control.

To learn more about our approach to cost rationalization, please read the attached paper.