KPMG 2020 New Reality pulse survey insights

Human resources executives take on the challenge of managing in the new reality.

The 2021 report is now available. Click here for The future of HR: Lessons for the Pathfinders report.

Reinventing the workplace

KPMG asked more than 1,200 HR executives how they are contending with uncertainty, complexity, and addressing the fundamental dilemmas that will shape the future of the company.

To successfully navigate this crisis, HR leaders must:

  • create a cohesive employee experience in a remote work environment.
  • encourage productivity and engagement among employees facing unprecedented personal and professional disruption.
  • rebuild and reskill the workforce for a changing and uncertain future.


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What we learned from the survey data and interviewing CHROs is that in moving to the new reality, HR functions are pivoting their priorities and ways of working.
Lisa Massman, Human Capital Advisory leader, KPMG LLP (U.S.)

A shift in HR priorities



of survey respondents are taking steps to safeguard the experience and well-being of employees.




are helping leaders develop new management and leadership skills to support remote working.




are redefining or further enhancing the culture to emphasize digital mindset, virtual working, agility, etc.


Embrace change

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Traditional ways of measuring productivity no longer work



of survey respondents list managing performance and productivity in a predominantly remote environment as one of the top three skills required by the HR function. That number goes up to 47% in HR Pathfinders.



believe that the HR function needs to rethink productivity and performance measures in light of the shift to increased remote working.

In a time of great uncertainty, CHROs are having to make important decisions with long-term consequences. To learn how KPMG can help your business, please contact us.

Lisa Massman

Lisa Massman

Principal, Human Capital Advisory Leader, KPMG US

Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, Human Capital Advisory , KPMG US