HFS Research Highlight: KPMG Performance On Demand for Finance

Connecting data and processes on a unified platform can help mid-size organizations realize 'the future of finance' now.

Jorge Blanco

Jorge Blanco

Principal, Advisory, KPMG US

In her report, HFS Highlight: KPMG’s New Performance On Demand Solution Brings the OneOffice to the Mid-Market, Starting with Finance, Reetika Fleming, Vice President, HFS Research, explains how the KPMG Performance On Demand for Finance solution can work in support of building the HFS OneOffice framework.

HFS's OneOffice concept does away with the siloed constructs of the front, middle, and back office, and instead focuses on the end customer by stitching data, process chains, and technology layers to create smarter operations that deliver the best employee and customer experience1OneOffice allows functions such as finance and accounting and HR to better share data and coordinate activities across procurement, sales, and customer-facing functions. 

The bottom line: Fragmented systems and siloed data are solvable problems in finance organizations today. Explore new approaches to finance technology transformation such as KPMG’s new mid-market proposition.
Reetika Fleming, Vice President, HFS Research

KPMG Performance On Demand for Finance is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and is tailored for mid-size companies. The HFS report notes how it can deliver:

  • best practices to kick-start finance technology transformation
  • rapid deployment through a streamlined approach
  • ongoing updates with a predictable cost base
  • opportunity for laying on "triple-A" technologies—advanced analytics, AI, and automation.

Download the report to read more on how KPMG is helping “mid-market clients leapfrog into action to realize ‘the future of finance’ now, with a view to developing a OneOffice organization in the future1.”