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Which path are you taking?

The HR function is dealing with a range of questions: How can it prove its relevance within its organization and bring strategic value? How can it design an employee experience that responds to evolving demands? And how can it utilize technology to truly understand the needs and motivations of employees?

A particularly striking finding from our Future of HR 2020 survey was that three in five HR leaders believe that the HR function will rapidly become irrelevant if it doesn't modernize its approach to understanding and planning for future needs of the workforce. In short, organizations of all shapes and sizes across the globe generally agree that the HR function will cease to exist in its traditional form if it continues to operate or deliver in the same way. 


Finding a way into the future

Read our survey report to learn how different HR groups are choosing to address today's challenges. In it we explore:

  • workforce shaping: HR's defining challenge
  • the importance of employee experience by design
  • cracking the data code through workforce insights.

In 2020, we can see a path forward for HR that requires some fundamentally new thinking about what HR does and how it is built to deliver.



Learn how HR leaders are charting a course to the future in a disrupted world.

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Pathfinders focus on discrete capabilities 

The 2020 survey results reveal that pathfinding HR functions are focused on four key areas of priority and action that help them provide strategic value to their organizations. Their attitude epitomizes U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin's famous saying, "When you stop changing, you're finished."