Fighting COVID-19

Contact tracing and convalescent plasma therapy

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Battling COVID-19 is a big challenge. Governments and health systems will need to deploy advanced technologies to fight it on the scale required to win.

As the world awaits a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus, a potential treatment lies closer at hand: convalescent plasma therapy. The procedure involves injecting COVID-19 patients with blood plasma from recovered patients who have developed antibodies to the virus.

The KPMG donor registration and plasma therapy technology framework will provide potential plasma donors with a simple mobile registration app to facilitate signup and the end-to-end donation experience. It will equip healthcare and government agencies with a dashboard to track donors, testing results and patient outcomes, and perform statistical analysis, all while remaining in alignment with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other privacy standards.

A valuable first step toward making convalescent plasma therapy possible would be the implementation of robust contact tracing programs to track those individuals who have contracted the virus, as well as anyone who may have been exposed to them. Healthcare experts say contact tracing will be a powerful weapon in the COVID-19 fight until a vaccine is developed, with or without new therapy options.

At its core, the framework employs data virtualization and artificial intelligence-based technologies to easily integrate information from multiple sources, and make the qualification and matching process for plasma therapy less time consuming for patients and healthcare workers alike.

KPMG has been supporting our communities, government entities, and healthcare providers since the outbreak of COVID-19. Now, by leveraging our domain experience in healthcare, technology and government, as well as our experience automating complex processes, we seek to facilitate the treatment of those who are critically ill from COVID-19, increase the potential for better patient outcomes, and help our communities return to work.