Evolving your GRC mindset

Five areas to reflect for success

Prasanna Govindankutty

Prasanna Govindankutty

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

+1 212-954-2737

The world as we know it has changed. And it has exposed the fragility and vulnerability of our existence. A public healthcare issue in Wuhan, China created unprecedented challenges across the globe. This set in motion a global economic slowdown. From volatility in global oil prices to political unrest to joblessness across the world, the pandemic has had a tremendous impact on our people, our communities, and our businesses. At the same time, these challenges created opportunities for creative thinking--catapulting innovative solutions that otherwise might not have been invented.

While there are plenty of predictions as to what will change, now is the time for leaders to pause and reprioritize what’s important to their people and their communities. Below are five areas leaders can reflect upon to better understand how the current environment will impact their GRC programs:

  • Reflection on vision
  • Reflection on culture
  • Reflection on existing capabilities
  • Reflection on innovation
  • Reflection on social governance

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