Sky's the limit for cloud, but you need a future-ready plan

Have your cloud migration and modernization efforts stalled? New approaches can help maximize value.

Priya Emmanuel

Priya Emmanuel

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Paul Glunt

Paul Glunt

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Findings from KPMG International and HFS Research global research show that many organizations have reached a “cloud adoption plateau” where migration and modernization efforts stall after only a fifth of suitable workloads are transitioned. Yet 56 percent of business and technology executives agree that cloud migration has become an absolute necessity.

While there was a degree of urgency pre-COVID-19, many companies were moving at a relatively leisurely pace in regard to their transitions to the cloud. COVID-19 put into perspective how unprepared most of these organizations were when they suddenly had to spring into action and look for innovative ways to reduce COVID-19-related disruption to the business.

It quickly become obvious that the solution would require more than a tweak here and there—it would entail a sustained rearchitecting and rethinking of the organizational approach to technology.

So how do companies, already on tight budgets and now fighting to recover from COVID-19, fund a cloud transition? And which cloud infrastructure are leaders prioritizing? Explore our report to find out.

The sky's the limit for cloud value, but you need a future-ready plan
Discover how to push through cloud adoption roadblocks to maximize value and thrive in the new reality.


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