Supply chain: Emerge stronger in the new reality

Tomorrow’s resilient supply chain – customer-driven, technology-enabled, and built to last in a post-disruption world

How strong is your company’s supply chain?

Most supply chains are not as resilient as they could be. The recent global disruption not only revealed obvious flaws, but also highlighted how they can be a major source of vulnerability for businesses.

KPMG can help you respond to disruption and address supply chain challenges today. We are here to help our clients build their capabilities for greater resilience and risk tolerance in the new economic order.

Read the report below to see how your business can emerge stronger – regardless of industry, maturity or size of your supply chain.

Supply chain's new world order
Learn about the critical approaches, behaviors and competencies organizations must develop in order to succeed in the new reality.
It’s certainly not lost on U.S. supply chain leaders that their current operating models reflect assumptions that are increasingly out-of-date.
Brian Higgins, Principal, Supply Chain & Operations Leader

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Build a resilient, cost-effective supply chain

KPMG professionals can help you with the following issues to minimize expenses and risk, enhance returns on investment, drive operational efficiencies and boost your brand with customers.

  • Supply chain crisis response planning
  • Rapid supply and demand risk diagnostics
  • Scenario analysis and contingency planning
  • Supply chain strategy and analytics
  • Supply chain and operations planning and execution
  • Inventory logistics and distribution
  • Integrated tax planning
Brian Higgins

Brian Higgins

Principal, Advisory/Customer and Operations, KPMG US

+1 312-665-8363