Modernize customer service operating models

Turn reaction to disruption into sustainable, profitable ways of delivering customer service.

Rick Merson

Rick Merson

Director, Customer Solutions Advisory, KPMG US

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Navigating what’s next

As we gradually emerge into a new reality, the shift to virtual workplaces and digital service delivery will become permanent for many customer service organizations. For some, their new operating models will stand the test of time and enable continued evolution. But for others, the adjustments they made in immediate reaction to COVID-19 have driven costs up and performance down, with no clear path to prior levels of profitability.

To be sustainable, customer service operating models must anticipate—and evolve with—a rapidly changing business environment. Instead of just looking to new or updated service technologies as their solution, businesses should consider all the factors affecting their operating model in order to become more resilient in the new reality.



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Navigating what’s next is an article series that highlights the fundamental changes service organizations need to make to drive customer satisfaction while managing operating costs in 2020.