Redefining culture for the 'now' digital workforce

Culture that allows your organization to adapt to macro disruption

Leila Shin

Leila Shin

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Michelle Kent

Michelle Kent

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The future of work has been changing, but the pace of change has been exponentially increased due to recent global events such as COVID-19 and social unrest. As businesses have scrambled to adjust to an entirely new way of interacting with customers, employees have had to adjust to an entirely new way of working. 

Focusing on intangible efforts like culture as leaders recognize the “now normal” is really just about shifting to a mode of constant change. Critical in navigating through uncertainty is understanding that culture is at the heart of enhancing collaboration to achieve business performance. 

Driving culture into every leader’s agenda will support shifts in reshaping the workforce to be more resilient in facing new challenges. Evolving your culture to adapt as you deliver on changing business objectives is critical to enabling the workforce to be successful. 


Redefining culture to work in the “now” reality can look and feel like:

  • Leadership behaviors that both model and lead through change. Capabilities and characteristics around empathy and curiosity are inherent in how leaders help employees feel supported in their transition to a new way of working.
  • Transparency is prevalent within the organization, and there is increased access to new ways of working that generates trust in new technologies being rapidly pushed to the organization.
  • Courage translates to day-to-end interactions where people feel encouraged to speak their minds and engage in healthy debates.
  • Innovation is now a part of everyone’s job. Leaders encourage and model behaviors that allow creativity to flourish, enhancing the ability to maintain a strong pipeline for growth and adjustment in uncertain times.  

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