Creating on demand services

Learn what has gone into the development and launch of KPMG On Demand Services.

David Brown

David Brown

Principal, Advisory, KPMG On Demand Services, KPMG US

An interview of KPMG LLP's Jorge Blanco and Dave Brown by Source Global Research  

Consulting services have historically been delivered on a time-boxed basis; the consultants come in, work towards a set of project objectives and then leave when the job is done. However, recent years have seen the emergence of a new generation of advisory services. Inspired by the "managed services" model that has been successfully deployed by technology providers for decades, continuous advisory support is now available. Through new delivery models, clients get ongoing access to smart people, robust data models and powerful software to help tackle relatively high complexity business challenges. 

Jorge Blanco and Dave Brown with KPMG On Demand Services have been closely involved with the growth of the firm’s capabilities in this space. Source Global Research sat down with them to learn what went into the development and launch of these services, and how KPMG has been able to successfully deploy this model.

Read Source Global Research's article for Jorge and Dave's responses to these questions:

  • What was the impetus for KPMG to start seriously investing in the development of demand services?
  • How have you decided which areas to develop these services in?
  • How different is launching a new on demand service from launching a more traditional consulting service line?
  • Do you see these services as being driven primarily by technology? Or do you see them as more people-driven services?
  • What level of interaction is there between the teams developing and running your on demand services and the wider KPMG business?
  • Do you get the sense that clients are becoming more comfortable with the idea of buying services on an ongoing basis from consulting firms?
Clients don't want to hire a firm for a onetime project to try to address a need in perpetuity.
Dave Brown, Principal, KPMG
Creating on demand services
Learn what has gone into the development and launch of KPMG On Demand services.