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Watch this video to learn how KPMG Intelligent Forecasting can help you link decision-making with profitability. Customized to your organization’s needs, KPMG Intelligent Forecasting leverages advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to help make your forecast intelligent and actionable. Get started today! Because when you have the tools to understand what drives your business, a more precise planning process becomes the norm—not the exception.

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Sanjay Sehgal

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Brett Benner

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To compete and thrive in the digital world companies need to link decision-making with profitability.

However, most companies lack the essential data, analytics, and artificial intelligence needed for effective and insightful forecasting.

That’s where KPMG’s Intelligent Forecasting can help.

KPMG Intelligent Forecasting allows organizations to:

  • Improve accuracy and confidence in budgets and forecasts;
  • Identify the true drivers of business value, both internal and external;
  • Set data-driven financial targets, backed by data science;
  • Determine and eliminate bias from forecasts;
  • And leverage predictive modeling and external signals.

It’s based on a core set of foundational components like advanced predictive techniques, better data and signals, forecast customization, and continuous learning and evolution.

Using our KPMG Signals Repository, the active listening platform that generates signals using a collection of public and private data sources, we help leading companies recognize patterns that can accelerate and drive meaningful decision-making.

With KPMG Intelligent Forecasting, an organization can expect to improve their forecast accuracy by over 50%, uncover new and improved visibility into business drivers, and save valuable time.

No off-the-shelf software can provide this kind of customizable solution.

And Intelligent Forecasting can also work alongside existing financial planning tools.

When you have the tools and ability to enhance visibility into the factors that drive your business—greater insights and precision planning become the norm.

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