COVID-19 rapid response: KPMG Analytics-as-a-service

Explore how hyper-local data can help accelerate decision making

Bill Nowacki

Bill Nowacki

Managing Director, Data & Analytics, KPMG US

+1 224-848-9237

Even as companies worldwide focus on responding in real-time to the uncertainties created by COVID-19, leaders understand the need to prepare for ongoing disruption over the months and years to come.

Companies have sought for years to cope with increasing volumes of structured and unstructured data and then gain actionable insights from it. Now, leaders are seeking to accelerate their understanding of the new reality by enriching and augmenting existing data assets. Extracting meaning from such data is more critical than ever, both to understand new challenges as well as to get a handle on existing ones in the context of a post-COVID-19 business reality.

COVID-19 rapid response: Analytics-as-a-service To help companies read the signals, KPMG offers its analytics-as-a-service as a rapid response option. This service offering is rooted in our Data Scientists and Data Engineers that can help rapidly understand client data and analyze it with minimal disruption to company resources. This service provides an important level of support and flexibility:

  • KPMG offers a series of exploratory analytical and reporting frameworks to access and view enriched data, enabling swift market diagnosis and ongoing market monitoring.
  • KPMG resources can leverage KPMG Signals Repository—an active platform that monitors tens of thousands of open source signals around the globe—to produce curated feature sets that can be quickly joined to a company’s own operations data. These analytical datasets are geotagged enabling easy integration and contextualization with our clients’ proprietary internal data, and facilitating both hyper-local and macro assessment of COVID-19 risk and disruption.
  • Our KPMG COVID-19 curated and continuously updated analytical dataset can be quickly integrated with enterprise data to rapidly ascertain local and national risk or opportunity.