A customer-first approach for unprecedented times

Treat your customers with empathy and integrity during uncertain times.

Julio J. Hernandez

Julio J. Hernandez

Global and U.S. Customer Advisory Lead, KPMG US

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyday life on its head. With the situation changing daily, businesses must act with integrity and empathy to navigate the current challenges and retain their customers when the crisis ends.

There are six pillars of experience that can help businesses to better connect with customers and employees. In normal times, they are powerful tools for creating successful, sustainable and ethical businesses. When faced with the global threat of COVID-19, they provide an invaluable guide to corporate behavior in uncertain times. They are a set of simple principles that help to navigate challenges by taking a customer-first approach.

As the global situation becomes more complex, how and when companies should lend support to their customers and colleagues is uncharted territory. Unlike disaster relief, there is no roadmap or recipe for company involvement. However, companies must continue to keep their employees’ trust, understand evolving consumer and community needs, and provide products, services and resources where appropriate.

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A customer-first approach during unprecedented times
Treat your customers with empathy and integrity in these uncertain times.