KPMG consumer pulse survey reports

Insights into consumer sentiments and buying patterns that may impact business strategies in the consumer and retail industry.

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The KPMG consumer pulse survey series explores key, emerging themes around consumer behaviors, purchasing patterns and overall consumer sentiment. We've surveyed 1000 consumers across the U.S. bi-monthly since April 2020, to learn about the effects of COVID-19 on their income, employment and mobility; their sentiments around the economy; and their predictions for spending. We conduct the surveys to help our clients understand consumers, uncover the signals of permanent change and create a basis for transforming their businesses to meet customers where they are.

Results of our latest survey 

Inflation is unfortunately not going away in 2022. Approximately half of consumers have perceived price increases across all categories since the summer of 2021. The KPMG Consumer pulse survey | Spring report 2022 found consumers are expecting to increase their spend in 2022 vs. 2021, between 12–16 percent across restaurants, apparel, and personal care products and services. Online purchasing remains very high.

Based on the insights from our survey data, nearly two out of three consumers are at least somewhat familiar with the metaverse and over half are making purchases based on social media advertising recommendations or directly on the platforms.

In the year ahead, consumers will continue to seek out more from their shopping experiences as companies expand their channels through virtual opportunities.