Cloud smart

Enabling business collaboration, agility, and resilience

Denis Berry

Denis Berry

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The massive shift in society and business from COVID-19 has brought the future of work to the very top of the agenda, as almost every enterprise in the Fortune 1000 has seen disruption from it.

Effective remote collaboration is now a mission-critical priority—and the cloud is a foundational element for this virtual work environment, which was required to scale almost instantly.

Cloud smart
Enabling business collaboration, agility, and resilience.


This report is for C-level technology leaders who aim to extract as much value as possible from cloud technologies. The framework in this paper will provide perspective and pragmatic guidance to scale cloud to enable collaboration, drive value, and increase competitive advantage for their organizations.

Cloud smart organizations realize that cloud is a platform for agility and resiliency; it democratizes access to technology. It gives large and small companies alike equal access to computing power. With cloud, resources can be provisioned much faster. Cloud smart organizations have the underlying infrastructure and are able to adapt and change much more rapidly.
Denis Berry, Principal and CIO Advisory Lead

Advice to companies on becoming “Cloud Smart”


by defining the cloud as the foundation for digital business


by scaling cloud across the


talent by building a culture of digital collaboration


Cloud Smart will address the following questions and help you plot a course of action that aligns cloud with the objectives of the business.

  1. How do you lead an enterprise toward cloud-based transformation?
  2. What are the keys to operating model transformation?
  3. How do you align talent with change?