Managing your cloud SaaS environment

A KPMG 2020 survey of more than 275 U.S.-based executives on cloud SaaS support models and managed services

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Tom Wilde

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Cloud and continuous innovation

While many companies have benefited from the move to the cloud, very few are taking full advantage of the continuous innovation that SaaS vendors are releasing with each update. For this first annual survey, KPMG asked 281 U.S.-based executives in a range of industries about their experiences in adopting new features and enhancements to existing cloud applications.

Managing your cloud SaaS environment
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SaaS updates

All of the major cloud SaaS providers have been growing their business at 25% YoY growth and organizations have been rapidly shifting their business applications to the cloud. Substantial R&D investments are being made into new product features and new features and functionality upgrades are provided on a regular basis – even quarterly – by SaaS vendors.

The growing need for companies to consume new upgrades and enhancements is very different from an on-premises cycle, where upgrades might happen every few years. Companies need to find the best support and managed services models to effectively manage their SaaS environments in order to take advantage of the numerous advantages afforded by the cloud and their investment in business transformation initiatives. Companies can unlock additional value from their SaaS investment by moving to an agile support model with both business and technical resources supporting their SaaS applications.

Key findings


New features from cloud SaaS providers are often not deployed
Only 16% of respondents adopted 50% or more new features


The biggest single barrier to the adoption of new features is lack of resources to assess the impact on the business
#1 with 37% of respondents


A majority of respondents believe their SaaS vendor provides strong or very strong support for the adoption of new features
57% of respondents


Internal IT is the most prevalent support model
71% of respondents


Many respondents do not have a release planning process and do not have automated testing tools
21% of respondents did not know or did not have a process
62% did not know or did not utilize automated testing tools

How KPMG can help

KPMG can help you unlock additional value from your current SaaS investment. There are a number of ways we can work with you – including: assessing which new features should be adopted, developing the business case for new features and full managed services through modern delivery practices. KPMG Powered Evolution can provide ongoing support for your SaaS application to help bridge the gap between cloud technology and your business on an ongoing basis.