Meeting the challenges of COVID-19

When COVID-19 caused unprecedented disruption, KPMG responded. We helped our clients adapt, rethink, rebuild and position for growth.

Atif Zaim

Atif Zaim

National Managing Principal - Advisory, KPMG US

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Steve Chase

Steve Chase

Principal, U.S. Consulting Leader, KPMG US

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It’s a part of our DNA. We worked hand-in-hand with our clients to provide the strategies, know-how, and support to help them get back to business with speed, scale, and safety in mind.

See how the KPMG team worked countless hours, with compassion and insight, to support small businesses, build healthcare efficiency, enable vital communications, reopen offices, and build safety and testing protocols.

How can we help you with today’s challenges?

We’re here. We’re ready.

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Sometimes, our response to a challenge speaks volumes about who we are.

At KPMG, during the recent COVID 19 epidemic, we worked hand in hand with speed, scale and compassion to help our clients….Rethink and reboot….And together we helped re-start businesses, universities and governments across the US.

Thousands of us worked shoulder to shoulder, 24/7, to help financial institutions process an ocean of Paycheck Protection Program loan applications to help keep small businesses afloat.

We designed and deployed technology and enabled an entire healthcare system to stay up and functioning, creating fresh efficiencies as crucial administrative tasks shifted to employees working from home.

We developed and built a mission critical COVID-19 information portal for a key government agency in a matter of days.

Working with a global technology leader, we helped put the systems and protocols in place to reopen hundreds of offices in multiple countries in a matter of weeks.

We used our diagnostics experience to help ramp up labs for COVID-19 testing, focused and invested in vaccine management, and implemented contact tracing programs for large counties that achieved 90+ percent success rates.

And helped a major university design protocols who was looking to keep everyone safer while bringing back collegiate athletic programs.

We are proud to be helping our clients Respond. Adapt. Rethink. Build efficiencies. Go virtual. And position themselves for growth.

How can we help you lead during today’s challenges?

We’re here. We’re ready.