Beyond Gaming

Will extended reality become the new reality in the workplace?

Fiona Grandi

Fiona Grandi

Global Lead Partner and Risk Assurance Services Leader, KPMG US

Cliff  Justice

Cliff Justice

National Leader of Enterprise Innovation, KPMG US

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Extended reality (XR) stands poised to bridge the gap between remote and physical collaboration. While XR won’t replace in-person interaction, it will make collaborating from afar significantly more lifelike and personal. More importantly, XR will go even further, creating virtual experiences that are not possible in the physical world.

What’s making these experiences possible now isn’t just the continuing maturation of XR. It’s also the fortuitous emergence of supporting technologies, like artificial intelligence and 5G wireless communications, that are enabling rapid advances in XR speed and sophistication.

Beyond Gaming
Will extended reality become the new reality in the workplace? Explore how XR might impact your business and how to get started.

This convergence of game-changing technologies with the new challenges presented by our disrupted business environment, are supercharging the potential for XR. Companies that embrace XR now have an opportunity to leapfrog more hesitant peers and build a sustainable competitive advantage in the decade ahead.

The decision facing many businesses now is whether to press down on the innovation gas pedal or hang back and hope the turmoil dies before their organization does. Our money is on those who hit the accelerator.

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