Women supporting women

A majority of women believe access to and networking with female leaders helped to expand their careers.



Aileen Chan: Being a woman in this business, I certainly feel that it has changed drastically since I entered into the industry. Not that I ever felt that I didn't have a seat at the table, but I certainly feel like the support from, not just women, but other folks within the industry, other folks within the firm, has been increasing and massive.

Edwige Sacco:  Our future for women has already changed so much. What I think needs to happen now is that we need to acknowledge that, and we need to stop focusing so much on what hasn't changed and really champion and applaud the evolution. And what I mean by that is, I personally have had great experiences as a woman. I have had great mentors who are women, as well as men. I've never felt limited personally in my own career growth, certainly as a woman. And at times I think it's important to remind each other that there are a lot of great stories out there to tell. And we want to keep learning from the challenges, but ultimately what we need to do is replicate what's working.