Women of Risk Community

Collaborating with female Risk professionals throughout the U.S.

Cynthia Izzo

Cynthia Izzo

Principal and Service Network Leader, Technology Risk Management, KPMG US

Lisa D. Rawls

Lisa D. Rawls

Americas GRC Technology Service Network Leader, KPMG US

+1 703-286-8591

With the support of KPMG’s Network of Women (KNOW), in March of 2018, the Women of Risk Community was launched with over 500 participants. This began a journey of a tight-knit community driven by exceptional women within the risk profession. 

The Women of Risk Community is an inclusive group in which women can thrive, share experiences, and take advantage of meaningful networking opportunities. 

The purpose of the Women of Risk Community is to empower women and men alike, in the risk profession by featuring trends and innovations impacting risk disciplines. That is achieved by hosting events to grow and learn from one another, providing an outlet to share tips for navigating the changing landscape of the risk profession. This helps connect and engage with all risk professionals to help foster inclusion and create strategic opportunities for development and advancement.


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Women of Risk Community – Book of Wisdom

The Book of Wisdom contains quick pieces of career advice and lessons learned from our WORC leaders and members for current and future female leaders. Topics include general career advice, leadership, inclusion & diversity, imposter syndrome, networking, mentoring/sponsorship, work-life balance, and wellbeing.

KPMG's women of risk community

Listen to Principal, Lisa Rawls, speak about the importance of having awareness of emerging technology and how the women of risk community can collaborate to learn from each other.


Technology is critical for the Women of Risk Community.

We must be aware of the technologies that are emerging in the industry, and how we manage risks associated with those.

In addition, we leverage technology to make sure that we collaborate around the globe as part of the Women of Risk Community.

So it's really both making sure we're aware of what technology is doing in the world and how we address risks associated with that as well as leveraging it to make sure  that we are sharing our ideas and collaborating.

The importance of a mentor

Listen to Principal, Jen Shimek, speak passionately about how having a mentor has helped shape her career and how it can help shape yours too.


It's really important for everyone to have a mentor throughout their career.

Regardless of your profession or whether it's in your personal life it's really super important to have someone to help guide you, to be able to bounce questions off, to go to someone.

Your mentors might change throughout your career depending on what stage of life you’re in but it's really important to know that somebody has the ability to show you differing points of view.

Women of technology

Listen to how Managing Director, Sam Gloede speaks about how there are more women in the technology and digital transformation space today than ever before.


So I've worked in technology for over 20 years, and given the nature of what I do, for most of my career, my colleagues, my leaders, and my clients have been predominately men.

But we're at a really exciting time now where there's more and more young women coming into technology, and it's such an exciting time to work together, to learn together, and to build new capabilities to take to our clients.

It's also a really exciting time in the market with emerging technologies becoming more and more important as our clients face disruption and embark on their own digital transformation journeys.

So being able to lead this group of women focused on emerging technologies in this new time of disruption, is such an exciting time for me at KPMG.


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