Empowering women in Cyber by committee

Kyle Kappel

Kyle Kappel

Cyber Security Leader, KPMG US

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Video transcript

Women in Cyber is really designed to empower and raise the next generation of our women in the profession.

We recognize there are some very specific challenges potentially for women in the workplace at KPMG and in the practice.  And so we’ve done a couple of key things.  I think the most notable is the creation of the affinity group called KPMG Women in Cyber.

It is a community designed to support one another as we continue to grow personally and professionally.

It’s here to empower women and to connect them with each other, so they can hear about women that are going through the same things that they’re going through.

When I joined Cyber there weren’t that many of us ten years ago, and we reached out to each other and said, how can we work together?  How can we support one another and bounce ideas?  And little by little, what started out as a very small group of casual conversations, grew into this powerful community.

We meet regularly in terms of planning from a committee perspective, and then regular calls with all of the women that work within the Cyber practice.

That group gets together on a frequent basis, brings in external speakers, various other folks from leadership, and talks about specific issues that are facing women in KPMG and in the Cyber practice as consultants who need to travel, and maybe they have responsibilities at home that they need to take care.  How do they balance those work life challenges that may be unique in their situations.

We have set up support networks for working moms, we have coached and mentored each other through challenging situations.  We established a network of sisterhood really, and to me, this is the most valuable part of what we do.  We are there for one another.

It’s a great forum for bringing everyone together, and making sure that everybody has a voice.

For example, we’ve had moms come on and talk about being a parent and also being a women in Cyber.  Because that’s something that a lot of the women in our group can relate to.  And then also, just to make our presence known across all of KPMG and in the rest of the community.

I think what’s been critically important is to highlight some skills and experiences that our women have brought to the table.  I think we’ve got some tremendous innovation that has occurred, and has been led by a number of women in our practice and brought new thinking, new ideas, new ways to connect with our clients.

Mainly it’s having that kind of network where you can go to and connect with other females within cyber network.

It was really helpful and great because I saw the passion that everyone had within Cyber Security, and how they were talking to each other, and helping each other.

There’s nothing better than to see someone who joined the Firm as an Associate going this year for MD panel discussions.  And that is the true testament of the support by the Firm, by the community, and also their perseverance.

Give us a call, that’s it, join us.