How PE firms can turn data science into competitive advantage

To win in the current market, PE firms need an edge. The time for PE firms to realize the benefits of data science is now. Firms that do not employ data science risk being left behind.


Using data science techniques and innovative technologies like AI and machine learning, PE firms can integrate data from a variety of sources, conduct more complex and sophisticated analysis, and develop smart models that provide deeper and more valuable insights – at deal speed.

Embracing data science can help PE firms at every deal stage. Pre-deal, PE firms can use data science to combine target-provided data with external data sets to fuel robust data analytics and predictive models so they can uncover hidden value and make more competitive decisions. Post deal, PE firms can use data science to improve asset and portfolio value, identify and drive performance improvements, enhance revenue, and optimize their cost structure.

Where can PE firms start?

A fully integrated data science approach will include the right combination of people, processes, technology and tools, and data sources. PE firms need to consider whether to build these capabilities in-house or to partner with an external specialist firm. Making a decision to build or buy data science capabilities is an important strategic direction that requires careful consideration.

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