Trends in customer identity and access management

Transforming your customer IAM program


Hi, I’m Jake Pszonowsky and I am KPMG’s global customer identity and access management (IAM) leader.

In today’s world of creating the ultimate customer digital interactions and engagement (and the ability for new market entrants to disrupt your business today or tomorrow), having a dynamic suite of customer IAM capabilities is critical to enabling these interactions. Not only must these solutions enable secure, chosen interactions, they must also engender the trust of your organization – by supporting personalization, integrity, expectations, resolution, empathy, and reducing time and effort for your customers.

By doing so, organizations can position themselves to deliver new products and services with enhanced speed, and agility.

This also enables companies to remain competitive as they digitally transform their businesses. Conversely, organizations that fail to implement such strategies are at risk to fall behind the competition in the race to provide services and experiences that we as customers have come to expect.

This can ultimately lead to failing to obtain brand loyalty as well as fostering that long-standing relationship.

To begin the transformation of your IAM capabilities, start by bringing your business stakeholders together – no longer is IAM simply contained in the realm of the security and operations teams – customer IAM requires the broad business involvement of marketing, sales, service and customer support.

In my more than 20 years supporting client’s requirements in engaging customers – from simple e-commerce web logins, to today’s cross-platform, cross-channel digital and “in-real-life” interactions, the role of the customer IAM capability has changed dramatically.

No longer is the user name and password the gatekeeper that enables you to process just a transaction, now the customer IAM system is about enabling that unique, personalized experience, all while respecting your customer’s choices and preferences in how you interact with them.

With the right approach to customer IAM, you can help create a competitive advantage for your organization – where your customers choose to give you more information about themselves – because they trust your brand and understand the value of the interactions you bring to them.

If you’ve found these insights helpful, we would love the opportunity to connect with you to see how we can help mature your organization’s customer identity and access program. Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and we look forward to hearing from you.