Seven sigma

Intelligent automation can be a new beginning for continuous improvement

Intelligent automation can be a new beginning for traditional continuous improvement efforts. These digital-age technologies enable companies to automate many manual activities Lean Six Sigma process improvement targets. Intelligent automation does not make Lean Six Sigma irrelevant. Instead, where continuous improvement and intelligent automation intersects creates significant new benefit opportunities.

Six Sigma is a proven set of methods intended to reduce variation and improve quality in business processes. Combined with Lean principles, Lean Six Sigma is the foundation of many continuous improvement programs. The advent of intelligent automation technologies allows companies to use software bots to automate manual processes Lean Six Sigma targets.

This article presents continuous improvement from a new point of view. It's intended for anyone who plans or implements continuous improvement or intelligent automation activities. We propose opportunities to use intelligent automation technologies to aid in improvement efforts. We hope this new perspective brings together intelligent automation and Six Sigma professionals and inspires them to act on the proposed approaches.

Dust off your process improvement books. Learn to apply familiar methods augmented with the power of intelligent automation. You might discover ways to more extensively improve  efficiency, quality, and customer service.