Sales excellence: Accelerating revenue growth

Sales teams increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue by more accurately predicting a customer’s future purchasing decisions.


Determining which opportunities will close, when and at what price can be challenging. Sales teams need new ways to gain greater insights to know which customers and leads to pursue. The solution? Machine learning.

Watch the video below to see how machine learning helps increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue while also reducing discount leakage.

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Jorgen Ericsson

Jorgen Ericsson

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

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Watch our Data-driven videos

Video transcript


Sales teams are under constant pressure to accelerate revenue growth.

Unfortunately, simply spending more on sales efforts comes with diminishing returns. In this tough environment, it is time to think differently.

  • To drive revenue growth, companies need a new advantage… a strategy that will allow them to:
  • Win new business 
  • Drive growth within their customer base
  • And minimize revenue leakage during sales

Enter machine learning…

Armed with more data than ever before, companies can now uncover better ways to accelerate revenue growth. 

Here’s how…

Using complex connections between vast data sets, data-driven companies can build models that identify which targets are most likely to buy, driving incremental new business.

Machine learning can also uncover the key predictors of growth within existing customers and who is most likely to purchase add-on products or services.

Finally, sales efforts often involve discounting to close deals… but this often leads to unnecessary revenue leakage – as large discounts are given to customers who don’t require them. Machine learning can optimize the discount strategy, which will maximize revenue for each deal.

Accelerated revenue growth is available to the companies who commit to a data-driven approach to sales… and leading companies are taking advantage of this opportunity.

It is time to turbo-charge your sales…

Let KPMG show you how.