Reimagine customer service with voice

Want to improve customer voice conversations? KPMG Intelligent Interactions can help.

Watch this short video to learn how KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built on Google Cloud, can help businesses solve customer voice inquiries in a less costly, more efficient and consistent way to earn customers' trust. This video demonstrates how a solution built using KPMG Intelligent Interactions automatically contextualizes a conversation’s importance and analyzes the customer's intent and sentiment. The system then helps the service agent quickly identify and resolve a frustrated customer's warranty issue.

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Video transcript

Narrator:  Even with self-service options, many customers prefer making voice contact when interacting with business. Businesses spend $1.3 trillion on 265 billion customer service calls each year.

Customer:  “I’m having a problem with my router.”

Narrator:  It’s common for customers to initiate a human-to-human conversation to change account information, add new services, or in this example, seek help for a problem with a purchase.

Narrator:  We have developed KPMG Intelligent Interactions to help organizations quickly identify and resolve inquiries from customers, employees, vendors, or any party with which companies interact. KPMG Intelligent Interactions use intelligent automation to address the five main customer interaction channels—email, voice, chat, virtual assistants, and search. This video focuses on agent augmentation on the voice channel.

Narrator:  These solutions, built using Google Cloud APIs and KPMG-developed custom models, apply machine learning and other automation such as RPA.

Narrator:  When customers call with questions, businesses need to quickly identify the issue and initiate interaction based on the customer’s intendent and sentiment.

Agent:  “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I see that you purchased 2 routers from us recently. Which one are you calling about, the LinkAll or the ERT-Equip?”

Customer:  “The first one.”

Narrator:  KPMG Intelligent Interactions incorporates cloud, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies to create a more consistent experience—by design.

Agent:  “What seems to be the trouble?”

Customer:  “I kinda accidentally dropped it in the pool.”

Narrator:  The solution uses natural language processing to identify key words and understand a customer’s mood—in this case, key words show the customer is frustrated. The solution also automatically can contextualize a conversation’s importance. Once the solution establishes sentiment and context, it’s critical to deliver on the customer’s request—an important way to build trust with customers.

Agent:  “I’m sorry to hear about that. I do believe we’re going to have to replace that router because of the water damage. The accident protection plan you purchased is still good until December. If you’d like, we can exchange the router for you.”

Customer:  “No way man. I just want a refund.”

Narrator:  The solution uses machine learning and big data to analyze the questions for multiple factors in order to best respond. The solution navigates the agent’s knowledge base and company policies and procedures. It then displays the proper response for the customer representative to review and deliver to the customer. As the exchange continues, the agent shares the resolution using the solution-provided script.

Agent:  “Sure, of you’d like to have a refund instead, we can certainly do that. The email address I have on file is Is that right?”

Customer: “That’s right.”

Narrator:  Based on the scenario facts and the customer’s relationship, the solution can automatically initiate a refund.

Agent:  “Okay, great. So, I’m processing that right now. You’ll get your money back within seven to ten business days.”

Customer:  “That is ridiculous. Seven to ten days. That’s too long.

Agent:  “I’m afraid that’s how long the process takes. Because you’re such a loyal customer, I’m going to process a coupon. Is there anything else I can do for you today, Mr. Miller?”

Customer:  “No that’s it.”

Narrator:  The customized response improves the customer experience by providing immediate information about the charge and a resolution. Once the issue is resolved, the solution applies the interaction data to enhance its ability to serve future customers. By supporting customers with a transparent blend of human and solution support, businesses are able to build trust with customers. At the same time, the solution augments agent performance, allowing them to handle more inquiries and focus on high-value customer interactions.

Narrator:  Learn more about KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built using Google Cloud, and how we help clients use intelligent automation technologies to anticipate and respond to customer interactions and improve other aspects of the customer experience.

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