Reimagine customer service with virtual assistants

Do your customers expect better chat? Enable it with KPMG Intelligent Interactions.


Watch this short video to learn how KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built on Google Cloud, can help businesses add chat capabilities customers can use with virtual assistants at home, work, or on the go. The video demonstrates how solutions built using KPMG Intelligent Interactions  help organizations use chat to enable customers to complete transactions or inquire about accounts and orders. In this example, Kayla changes her mailing address for all of her insurance policies with one convenient text chat session.

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Video transcript

Consumers love using chat to interact with vendors and service providers–especially with virtual assistants. Interaction is simple, seamless, and convenient.

It’s no surprise self-service interactions have overtaken all other channels for the third year running.

45% of customers surveyed had used instant messaging or online chat with a live person over the last 12 months.

People can use chat to complete transactions or inquire about accounts and orders, to name a few.

In this example, Kayla has moved. She contacts her insurance company to update her address.

Address changes aren’t complex transactions. When companies use virtual assistants, they can verify identities and quickly help their customers—all through digital channels.

We developed KPMG Intelligent Interactions for chat, and other channels, to enable better collaboration with customers.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions-enabled chat solutions are built using the best of Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence and machine learning services with Dialogflow, Google Cloud’s enterprise-grade natural language understanding platform.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions-enabled chat solutions incorporate cloud, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies. The solutions we help clients build integrate with knowledge bases, rules engines, and core customer systems.

The result is simple, consistent, in-the-moment interaction with customers—by design.

In this scenario, Kayla starts a text chat session using her phone with a virtual assistant.

She only has to send the address change to her insurance company once to change it on all of her policies.

A KPMG Intelligent Interactions-enabled chat solution verifies the address using a U.S. address database.

Then the virtual assistant verifies Kayla is requesting the address change by calling the phone number she has included in her file.

Once Kayla confirms, this solution passes the next step to a Blue Prism digital worker that uses robotic process automation to log into the policy systems where the address is located.

The digital worker updates the address and uses established business rules so the address is entered in the right format across all policies, regardless of the format or platform where they are located.

A workflow automation system such as Appian tracks the workflow. It also logs and timestamps Kayla’s approvals to help address regulatory requirements.

This solution lets Kayla know when the changes are complete.

Virtual assistants use speech-to-text translation for voice interactions.

The solutions we help clients build use natural language processing to contextualize a conversation’s importance, identify key words, and understand a customer’s mood.

Each customized response improves the customer experience and helps build trust.

Automation offers customers convenience. It saves time for agents so they can focus on more complex or high-value customer interactions.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions use intelligent automation to address the main customer interaction channels—email, voice, chat, storefronts, virtual assistants, and search.

Learn more about KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built using Google Cloud, and how we help clients use intelligent automation technologies to anticipate and respond to customer interactions—and improve other aspects of the customer experience.

Life just got easier.