Reimagine customer service with search

KPMG Intelligent Interactions creates a friendly search experience for all customer channels.

Phil Rolland

Phil Rolland

Managing Director, Financial Services Solutions, KPMG US

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Watch this short video to learn how KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built on Google Cloud, can help organizations create a conversational search capability. With a single search function, customers, employees, vendors, or any third party can easily search phrases across all interaction channels without contacting a human agent.

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Video transcript

Customers want answers fast. That’s why a search function that is easy to use and consistent across all customer interaction channels is critical in providing a personalized experience.

91% of customers surveyed said they would use an online knowledge base if it were available and tailored to their needs.

It’s essential for organizations to create conversational search capabilities so customers can easily search issues with everyday phrases without contacting a human agent.

Search is faster, consistent, and answers in formats for online or social networks—so customers have a better experience.

With personalized search capabilities, employees avoid routine tasks like answering emails, calls, and chats—and can focus on more valuable parts of their jobs.

To help organizations quickly identify and resolve inquiries from customers, employees, vendors, or any third-party companies they interact with, we have developed KPMG Intelligent Interactions.

These solutions use intelligent automation to address the five main customer interaction channels—email, voice, chat, virtual assistants, and search.

This video focuses on search interactions.

We built KPMG Intelligent Interactions using Google Cloud APIs and KPMG-developed custom models. They use machine learning and common knowledge bases across web, social media, and chat to make search a consistent and effective customer service channel.

Natural language processing allows customers to use conversational phrases as they seek answers to create an integrated search experience across all channels.

For example, companies can integrate search and broadly share regulatory procedures with employees across all locations.

Also, employees can use email or chat search to quickly and consistently seek human resources answers—from the dollar amount on their last pay stub to answers about healthcare benefits or paid time off.

This scenario explores how employees might inquire about parental leave policies.

Kevin has a moment to find out about taking leave, so he asks his company’s HR virtual assistant.

With access to multiple databases, including the company’s HR policies and enterprise resource planning system, the virtual assistant understands who Kevin is, what he does, and uses natural language processing to answer his question.

The solution again uses natural language processing and also machine learning to combine the context of his questions and conclude that Kevin might be inquiring about parental leave.

Personalized search gives Kevin a consistent experience across channels and takes the tedium away from Amy so she can focus on tasks needing personal interaction.

The solution is intelligent enough to know when employees need a human touch.

When Anna emails to report a disturbing incident that occurred on a business trip the solution is trained to connect Anna with a human HR contact.

The automated email expresses empathy and offers an invitation to meet with her HR representative.

In these scenarios, customized responses enhance the employee experience by providing consistent and immediate answers and also improve HR consultants’ job experiences.

KPMG Intelligent Interactions uses machine learning to continuously improve search capabilities. We incorporate cloud, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies to create a more consistent experience—by design.

Learn more about KPMG Intelligent Interactions, built using Google Cloud, and how we help clients use intelligent automation technologies to anticipate and respond to customer interactions and improve the customer experience.

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