Five characteristics of a future-ready procurement function

Stop waiting to future proof your procurement function. Start orchestrating supplier ecosystems.

The role of the procurement function is changing from simply managing costs to one of adding value, managing security and building closer – and more strategic – relationships. It means that external interfaces and the technology supporting them are increasingly important, as organizations become more networked and alliance-based. Planned and deployed correctly, the potential is exciting bringing benefits to both the buyer and the seller.

But while everyone is talking about future proofing and transformation, few have the operational expertise or insight to confidently put it into action. To overcome the hesitancy to implement change, you need a strong sense of what a future-ready function could mean for you, and what it might look like. And with 95% of CEOs seeing technological disruption as an opportunity instead of a threat1, it’s time procurement started thinking the same way.

Discover in this article what KPMG professionals say is expected from a top perfoming organization.

The five characteristics of a future-ready procurement function
Procurement stands at the edge of what could be a huge opportunity. Are you ready to take hold of it?


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