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Today’s workforce demands a digital, personal, and tailored employee experience.


An empowered workforce is one that feels their experiences are personally tailored and elevates their performance. It requires a human-centered, consumer-like approach that knows how employees want to work, what interactions they look for, and how to engage them. It’s time for HR to view traditional priorities with a new, wider workforce perspective.

Embracing such themes as workforce shaping, team-based reward, and experience design to deliver a genuine, evidence-based architecture that addresses all employees — enables the best of everyone at work. It’s time to envision a smarter, more agile human resources organization. Watch our video below to learn more.

Mike DiClaudio

Mike DiClaudio

Principal, People & Change, KPMG US

Lead HR into the future and get there faster with Powered HR

KPMG Powered HR

“Applying a customer experience lens to employees is a critical shift in thinking. This shift is the foundation on which transformational priorities should be built.”
Mike DiClaudio, Human Capital Advisory Lead, KPMG LLP
The future of HR: Creating an agenda for reinvention
A forward-thinking HR function is critical to an organization’s ability to achieve long-term success.

Instead of making transformation a goal, make it a way of business.

With our future-state operating model, optimize the way your teams work — now and tomorrow.

The strength of KPMG’s Powered HR approach is in prebuilt assets designed to accelerate the business value of HR transformation.

Our team takes a holistic approach to deploy HR cloud technologies that enables companies to use that platform’s full value potential to create business-first HR for the future.

Using a collaborative, agile approach that addresses process, people and technology, and considers HR organizations’ business objectives, we focus on high-value, employee experience and automation opportunities.

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