Outsourcing is dead! Long live outsourcing!

Outsourcing is changing with the times. Here’s how to get more from your agreements.

An article for Shared Services and Outsourcing Network by KPMG’s Randy Wiele 

Apparently outsourcing is dead. Again.

It’s certainly a catchy headline—but is it true? Outsourcing is alive and well and is changing with the times – just like other transformational capabilities. Choices in the outsourcing market abound, ranging from traditional staff augmentation to co-sourcing to managed services, and to anything as-a-service.

Future outsourcing will include less customization and more off-the-shelf services. This will drive lower costs, faster transitions and higher quality.
Randy Wiele, Managing Director, Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory, KPMG in the U.S.

Outsourcing is and will continue to be a fundamental component of our global economy and aligns nicely with corporate desires to focus on core and strategic responsibilities while allowing other entities, with deeper skills and higher levels of scale, to assist with their operations.

And, similar to the functions that outsourcing enables, outsourcing processes must innovate and align to new realities.

Read the article by KPMG's Randy Wiele at Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) to discover the new realities and aspirational qualities for future outsourcing agreements.

Outsourcing is dead! Long live outsourcing!

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