Enhancing the return on investment for GRC implementation

Learn how forward looking risk functions are driving ROI of GRC technologies by carefully weighing implementation costs and benefits.

Estimating and truly measuring return on investment (ROI) for Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) investments is no longer optional, but rather, it is a business imperative.

While risk and compliance professionals readily grasp the potential of GRC-enabling technologies, their executive leadership must carefully weigh the costs and benefits of a GRC implementation just as they do other top organizational initiatives.

Forward-looking risk and compliance functions reap a host of benefits that outweigh the initial investment in GRC transformation with a well-defined program, supported by meaningful business cases.

This paper discusses how risk and compliance leaders can make the case for GRC investment with measurable and tangible benefits, including a quantifiable ROI. Read on to learn how organizations can:

  • Estimate current costs and future state benefits
  • Define meaningful GRC business cases
  • Ensure ROI is measured throughout the GRC lifecycle