A clearer view from the top: Nordic Pulse Survey 2019

Explore key findings and market trends for the Nordic shared services and outsourcing market.

The KPMG Nordic Shared Services and Outsourcing Pulse survey is a yearly publication which zooms in on key findings and trends in the Nordic market for business and IT services. 

This 2019 edition explores the ongoing transformation of the delivery of services in a market characterized by technological disruption, and discusses both the opportunities and challenges associated with this new operating environment.

Our survey suggests that more than 70 percent of all Danish companies may currently be looking to invest more into intelligent automation.

For 15 years KPMG has surveyed our global pool of sourcing advisors and executives of the world's leading service providers, to identify and report on the latest trends in the business services and outsourcing market. 

A clearer view from the top

This report provides the latest trends in the shared services and outsourcing market in the Nordics and discusses key and emerging issues in this sector. Explore the report and related content at KPMG Denmark.


Key takeaways


  1. Driving down operating costs is a top priority for business leaders.
  2. Hiring and retention of talent remains a significant challenge.
  3. Demand for provider services grows as organizations see the benefits of having support in their automation journey whether it be in relation to improving existing shared service centres or to outsourcing.
  4. Increasing investment flow into areas of automation including robotics process automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  5. Cloud is the new normal – consequently, organisations will move away from investing in non-cloud IT enterprise software.