What are the next big trends in the power and utilities industry?

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Energy storage. That seems to be top of mind for all my clients. Doesn't matter if it's the east coast or the west coast. But energy storage is the technology that everybody seems to be talking about. Everywhere I go they talk about the big G and the small G. Big G is large centralized generation that was built in the 60s and 70s. Think about nuclear power plants and there's a question in this country about what's the future of nuclear. On the other hand, small G is actually the stuff that's come up in the last decade. Really renewables, solar, it's the stuff that everybody's talking about today. So everywhere I go, clients are talking about really the future of big G central generation facilities as well as the exciting stuff the small G solar and renewables.

Arun Mani

Arun Mani

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