Building passion for an oil and gas career in the next generation

What is keeping millennial talent from exploring careers in the oil and gas industry?

Research indicates that recent generations tend to view oil and gas (O&G) as an industry in decline rather than an innovative sector in which to build a future. To bridge the disconnect between millennial views on the oil and gas industry and real career opportunity, Matt Campbell and Crystal Thompson from our People & Change Advisory answer these questions:

  • What do millennials think about working in the oil and gas industry?
  • How do millennial values differ from those of previous generations?
  • How does the value they place on learning and innovation impact their job choice, and what does that mean for oil and gas companies?
  • Aren’t there as many misconceptions about millennials as there are about the industry?
  • What should the oil and gas industry be doing in order to attract talent within this generation to the industry?