Maximize value from marketing spend

The case for advancing marketing plan and spend competencies

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Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

Principal, Advisory, Customer Solutions, KPMG US

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Maximize value from marketing spend

Each year, managing marketing investments becomes more difficult while simultaneously becoming more vital. Whether it is formulating strategy, budgeting, procuring, managing or measuring spend, each has a significant impact on a company’s top and bottom-line performance.

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Build an integrated marketing plan and spend management

KPMG professionals can help you with the following issues to drive maximum returns on marketing investments, enhance operational efficiencies, and boost your brand with customers.

  • Customer life cycle management
  • Marketing reach expansion
  • New channels and underserved customer segments
  • Cross-channel content and conversation strategies
  • Bespoke customer experiences
  • Customer satisfaction and advocacy
  • Stronger return on marketing investments
  • Optimized expense to revenue ratio