Why CMOs should boost their financial acumen

CMOs can empower marketing spend by working with CFOs


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Jason Galloway

Jason Galloway

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Stronger performance through mutual understanding

In today’s fast-changing, highly competitive environment, marketers need to know more than how to create and measure great customer experiences. They need to know how to manage current and future spending to align with their company’s broader financial goals. Marketers can also better understand how to create a budget, manage accounts, and determine relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

At the same time, finance professionals can learn the language of marketing and how marketing initiatives relate to financial performance. Mutual understanding and appreciation of roles and responsibilities within marketing and finance can create a stronger overall business and brand.


The case for CMOs to boost their financial acumen
By working with CFOs, CMOs can improve their understanding of the business and empower their marketing spend.

Read this paper to learn about:

  • Challenges to building marketing financial acumen
  • Advantages of CMO and CFO collaboration
  • Five steps to begin a successful collaboration
  • Building lasting business acumen in marketing

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