Marketing excellence: Driving growth through data science

Data-driven marketers use machine learning to provide more accurate insights into how individual marketing investments drive revenue.


Marketing consistently struggles to equate tangible, front-office results with marketing investments. Without the ability to measure the effectiveness of initiatives, how can marketing know where to direct their efforts to impact revenue and accelerate growth?

Watch the video below to see how machine learning takes the mystery out of marketing and helps improve decision-making for demand generation and digital performance. 

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Jorgen Ericsson

Jorgen Ericsson

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US

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Watch our Data-driven videos

Video transcript


In today’s environment, marketing teams are being asked to get better performance from their investments. These teams are asking many of the same questions.

How is marketing contributing to real growth?

Which tactics are working?

How do we accurately identify the best leads?

And they need answers…

The reality is that quantifying marketing effectiveness is not easy. The customer journey from first impression to highly-qualified lead is complicated.

A linear approach simply does not allow marketers to understand the complex relationships between various tactics – and how these impact marketing success.

Enter: machine learning

Companies now have more data than ever. With machine learning and data-driven insights, leading marketers can drive greater impact.

Highly advanced data techniques can uncover the complex relationships between specific marketing tactics – and how these impact sales. This enables teams to focus their investment on the most effective strategies, and better locate the highest potential leads.

This means less guessing, and more growth… getting stronger results from your marketing investments.

Leading companies are taking advantage of machine learning to transform their marketing strategy, and it is having real impact on growth.

It is time to turbo-charge your marketing…

Let KPMG show you how.