KPMG's annual cable and OTT survey

The OTT market is dominated by powerful players, but small providers can still succeed in the fiercely competitive streaming market.

KPMG’s annual cable and OTT survey highlights how small players can succeed in the fiercely competitive subscription streaming market. The survey seeks to understand the shift in video consumption preferences. Results indicate that while the streaming market is heavily concentrated among the Big 3 services, opportunities do exist for smaller players to gain a greater share of wallet. To remain competitive, these OTT service providers need to focus on four areas:

  • Provide curated content, not massive content libraries
  • Limit account sharing
  • Get the price right
  • Reduce churn through improved customer relations

Focusing on the content mix, competitive pricing, account sharing, and improved customer relations to reduce churn will help service providers sustain profitability and evolve with their customer base.