Keys to success for implementing a data analytics

The development of a predictive analytics program isn’t the end of the journey; models also need to be operationalized and leveraged effectively across the organization.

Clay Gilge

Clay Gilge

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Construction companies can get started - and it’s a simple three step approach.

Video transcript

There are several keys to success for implementing a data and analytics program. The first is really to get buy in from the business and make sure that the key stakeholders are actively engaged. The second is to set up those targeted pilots that are going to be important to get that quick momentum. And the third is figuring out how do you operationalize this throughout the organization? How do you scale it, and what level of depth that you go? If you can find a way to operationalize this and you can [00:00:30] repeat this in a rapid succession, that's where you're going to provide value to the overall organization and really transform how data and analytics are actually driving the business.