HR: Under pressure to act

To meet growing challenges, the HR function must be agile and digitally enabled, all while reducing operating costs.

Recent KPMG research highlighted a clear dichotomy between ‘enlightened’ HR functions - those boldly engaged in the strategic transformation of HR - and those faltering amid the uncertainty as the digital era redefines the world around them. And it’s a gap that’s only getting bigger.

It’s vital that HR rises to the opportunity to drive change. The new HR function must start to be more:

HR organizations looking to accelerate with the cloud need an operating model built for tomorrow and beyond. This includes:

  • Timely and affordable deployment of HR solutions
  • An intuitive user experience
  • New levels of mobile accessibility
  • Smarter decision making between teams
  • Workforce efficiencies that pre-empt the demands of tomorrow

Start taking the lead. What waits for teams who embrace a new model?

  1. A new mind-set that maximizes the potential in human talent and enabling technologies
  2. A redefined understanding of the HR function’s value that is evidence-based
  3. Deeper understanding of skills and resources for a digitally-led environment
  4. Workforces that are tailored to an evolving business
  5. Employees treated like customers

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