Getting started with data analytics

Highlights the 3 part approach that engineering and construction companies can take to develop a data analytics program.

Clay Gilge

Clay Gilge

Practice Leader, Major Projects Advisory, KPMG US

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Construction companies can get started - and it’s a simple three step approach.

Video transcript

Construction companies are sitting on a tremendous valuable asset, and that asset is their data. Their data in the form of project field labor, safety reports, contractor bids and schedules.  Engineering and construction executives can look the other industries and realize that expanding their data and analytic capabilities can help fight off new entrants and actually help drive their business in overall performance.

Construction companies can get started - and it’s a simple three step approach. The first step is understanding data and data environment. A lot of organizations that we work with do not have a secure data structure such as a cloud environment with which they can set up an actual data analytic programs to run their analytics. Second, it’s really important to understand data capabilities within your organization. The actual capabilities of your team to be able to run these programs can sometimes be very sophisticated organization need to look outside in order to find the right resources. And third, it’s really important to set up a road map. Really trying to balance out quick wins, medium system enhancements, and long-term, what I would consider kind of transformational upgrades to the data and analytic programs.