Will a french tax start a revolution?

In response to France’s recent 3% tax on tech revenues, the United States has responded about the discriminatory nature of the tax towards U.S. tech companies and instead may pose a tax against all multinational organizations, rather than just tech companies.

Video transcript

VO: In July, France imposed a 3 percent tax on Big Tech’s revenues. The UK and 25 other countries may do the same.

Brett Weaver soundbite: The US government’s response is these taxes are discriminatory towards U.S. tech giants.

VO: The U.S. wants an international agreement which would tax all multinationals, not just the tech titans. So how will the standoff end?

Brett Weaver soundbite: My bet is if we can reach a global consensus it will affect every business, whether you’re a consumer goods company, a manufacturer, or a tech giant.


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