Four key steps to fuel a proactive tech and cyber risk function

How to protect and enable your future business

Tech risk professionals face a tall task in taking control of an increasingly complex and evolving digital business environment. For those in financial services organizations, the challenge can be even more daunting. 

That’s why forward-looking tech and cyber risk management (TCRM) functions are taking proactive steps to transform themselves from cost centers to value creators and elevate their organizational profile. KPMG assembled a group of TCRM professionals in New York to share best practices and candidly discuss the issues and obstacles they face, including how to:

  • Take a proactive, business-focused approach to TCRM
  • Obtain and utilize “golden source” data
  • Structure the TCRM function to drive tech risk value through “healthy tension” [between lines of defense]
  • Integrate innovative technology and automation tools (cognitive/intelligent automation, data and analytics) more frequently and effectively