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Take a proactive approach to data privacy that evolves with new regulations and emerging technologies to empower your business.  



Key cyber security consideration
Sustainable data privacy compliance

A global privacy revolution 

Data privacy concerns dominate the cyber security sphere. Recent data breaches, and negative public reaction to them, have underscored consumer concerns about the personal information they share and the perceived misuse of said data. 

When implemented in May 2018, the Europe Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marked the beginning of global privacy regulations, but, new and emerging regulations in China, Brazil, India, and Russia have further complicated the digital global landscape. The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which will become is effective on January 1, 2020, will is be the first state-level law to follow GDPR and focuses on many of the same principles. These new regulations encourage organizations to prioritize and maintain a dynamic data privacy program. 

A proactive privacy posture 

Building a privacy program from the ground up and keeping current with evolving compliance regulations can be a daunting task. A proactive, principle-based privacy posture can help enable the organization to manage intricate compliance efforts while also using data in a way that can enrich the customer experience.

The time to act is now. Building a data privacy program takes time and will be inevitably more complicated than anticipated. KPMG can help. We recommend organizations focus on privacy program capabilities that can help streamline and demonstrate compliance, but more importantly, to build a program that is sustainable and agile. We’ll also help you understand how best to align your information protection agenda to your dynamic business and compliance priorities. 


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“Understand how, why, and with whom your organization processes consumer data. At the core of an effective privacy strategy is a clear and sustainable linkage between data usage practices, underlying technology assets, and data associated with those assets.” 


Orson Lucas, Managing Director, KPMG LLP


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Key cyber security consideration
Sustainable data privacy compliance

As privacy concerns continue to be top-of-mind for consumers and regulatory bodies, organizations must prioritize their data privacy programs and adopt a holistic approach to meet the diverse and complex compliance requirements. Start developing your data privacy program by drafting a solid, practical plan with clearly defined ownership and governance. Let KPMG show you how.


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Steven Stein

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Orson Lucas

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