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Take a proactive approach to data privacy that evolves with new regulations and emerging technologies to empower your business.  



Key cyber security consideration
Sustainable data privacy compliance

What we’re seeing 

In an age when proprietary and customer data are a company’s most valuable assets, getting the privacy strategy right can give an organization a competitive edge. 

Privacy is a differentiator. Whether an organization started its privacy journey because of U.S. laws, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or now, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), privacy is now firmly an enterprise-wide priority. Full engagement across the organization is growing as privacy professionals look to embed privacy into the DNA of business operations and customer engagement.

To embed privacy into business as usual, we have helped our clients with:
  • Privacy assessments
  • Building privacy governance programs
  • Business model analysis
  • Data mapping/inventory (both manual and automated)
  • Vendor management
  • Security and privacy-by-design implementation
  • Incident management
  • Consumer self-service models
  • Privacy automation
  • Privacy as a service
  • Privacy audits
  • Incorporating privacy into broader data and information governance practices by collaborating with KPMG’s strategy and data and analytics teams.

These activities are key for our clients to handle and protect data according to strategic business goals.

“Companies that can demonstrate a commitment to customer privacy and data protection have the opportunity to stand out among their peers. To stay ahead of the curve, plan and adopt a data protection strategy based on privacy principles that can be easily modified as new regulations go into effect.” 


Orson Lucas, Managing Director, KPMG LLP


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Key cyber security consideration
Sustainable data privacy compliance

As privacy concerns continue to be top-of-mind for consumers and regulatory bodies, organizations must prioritize their data privacy programs and adopt a holistic approach to meet the diverse and complex compliance requirements. Start developing your data privacy program by drafting a solid, practical plan with clearly defined ownership and governance. Let KPMG show you how.

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What your organization can do

Organizations must chart a plan that not only encompasses the immediate regulatory challenges, but also a plan for a shifting regulatory climate and consumer expectations of greater individual control of data. In creating a sustainable and effective data protection strategy, we believe companies should develop a solid framework of best practices and infuse those practices—both procedurally and culturally—within the organization, opening up the flexibility to quickly adapt to new and evolving regulations.

KPMG’s approach to helping clients achieve sustainable data privacy compliance this year will focus on, among other things, data as a currency and competitive advantage. Businesses that proactively manage and protect personal data the way users expect will come out ahead of their competition. Companies will have to better understand their data practices and the impact of new regulations on their business strategies and business models. Waiting to the last minute is not a viable option, because the goal is building customer trust and loyalty. 

As we continue this year, KPMG is here to provide leading thought leadership to help your company understand how best to align your information protection agenda to your dynamic business and compliance priorities.


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Steven Stein

Steven Stein

Principal, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

Orson Lucas

Orson Lucas

Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG US

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