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Turbo charge your revenue growth with data science and machine learning



Leading technology companies are now able to leverage their data by exploiting advances in data science to transform how they market, sell and retain customers. Early adopters can accelerate profitable growth and outpace competition using five leading practices. Read our white page now and watch the below videos to see examples of business impact that leading technology companies are achieving right now.


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Marketing: Turbo charge demand generation

Data-driven marketers use machine learning to turbo-charge demand generation and develop multi-touch attribution models that provide more accurate insights into how individual marketing investments drive revenue. In addition, these advanced techniques can prioritize the most qualified leads by improving lead scoring.

Sales: Boost conversation rates

Sales teams use machine learning to increase cross-sell and up-sell revenue by more accurately predicting a customer’s future purchasing decisions and propensity to buy. These insights can also reduce unnecessary discounting and help sales teams capture greater value from deals. 

Customer: Increase retention and renewals 

Aided by machine learning, customer success teams can finally scale effectively and be proactive rather than reactive to potential churn situations. Combining a 360 view of the customer with predictive analytics, churn algorithms can provide an ‘early warning system’ for customer churn risks, enabling customer success teams to increase retention and renewals. 

Let KPMG help you integrate data science into your operating model and enable your marketing, sales and customer success teams do more with their limited budgets and resources. Learn how we’ll increase the impact of machine learning and reduce time to results with five leading practices for launching data-driven growth initiatives.


“The integration of data science into the operating model of technology companies is fundamentally transforming the effectiveness of their go-to-market strategies. Leading businesses are already reaping significant business benefits by taking advantage of proprietary data and machine learning to accelerate growth.” 


Jorgen Ericsson, Principal , TMT Strategy, KPMG (US) 


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Jorgen Ericsson

Jorgen Ericsson

Principal, TMT Strategy, KPMG US